Presentation Meltdown

Being a young panelist, yup, that’s me!

So I was asked to speak at a panel on March 15th 2010 in Richmond about my career path/ advancement. I found this quite flattering and obviously said yes. Now that I am 4 days away, I am starting to feel a little nervous and ill-prepared. So what does a young professional do when you need help… you google.

Long story short, I need a PowerPoint presentation that explains how I got to where I am

in my short period of time. I need to talk for 15 minutes, boy is that ever a long time! This isn’t some kind of dinner with copious amounts of wine either.

I found this cool presentation 101 link on google and it gave me an awesome id

ea to

use lots of pictures versus all text. I was always really good at it, but I am going to try to take it to the next level!

Wish me luck, and once I do my presentation, I will blog about my experience.

Until next time,


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