“Hey, you, your not doing your job”

Recently I have learned a lot about feedback. How darn empowering it can be, even if the feedback isn’t about how great someone is. In the last week I have been the feedback giver and recipient. Working at a dynamic company, where we get to do things quickly and waiting for someone to get their game up to speed isn’t an option. Here are my two personal take aways from each situation.

Giving. Do not under estimate how inspiring feedback can be. Sometimes telling someone they aren’t meeting expectations is exactly what they need to start exceeding expectations. I unfortunately didn’t give the feedback right away, because I couldn’t get my finger on what the problem was. Once I realized it wasn’t “one major thing” I was able to articulate what the negative impact someone had on a project. Since then, this key person has just blown me away.

Receiving. Being a recipient brought me down to reality, again. As much as I would like to believe that I am a high performer in everything I do, I am not. I was told I wasn’t doing my job right. I need to hear it in a way that literally gave me a verbal kick in the ass.

I urge those who have been holding in a piece of feedback (constructive or not) to put it to good use.  My closing thought: “feedback is the currency of performance. If you have feedback and don’t give it, you are being greedy. Giving feedback is always being charitable.”

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