Learning’s from another industry, who would have thought

I was fortunate to attend the Prudential Forum 2010 in Phoenix Arizona (August 30-31, 2010) and the opening speaker, Dan Coughlin, had spoke about 5 accelerator Actions. Although I usually come to conferences in a place of scepticism about what I will learn, I was pleasantly surprised. The conference theme was “innovate, accelerate, generate.” The only observation (to date) is that the conference is very specific to affiliates, employees and suppliers versus clients (us).

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Mr. Coughlin spoke about “practical ways to achieve sustainable success.” I will rattle off all the accelerator actions at the end of the article, but the one that made me happy was number 2: “Maintain daily enthusiasm.” This accelerator is only a two step process:

a)      “Clarify the purpose for my work. (Why do I do the work that I do?)”

b)      “Every day focus on fulfilling my purpose.”

  • “Remember that passion flows from purpose, not the other way around.”

I feel that I do have the passion or enthusiasm in my work. In fact, thinking back about how I feel about my work, my manager, the company I work for. I am just as happy (if not more) about what I do everyday than when I started on day one. I get excited Sunday nights and am eager to come to work. I realize from this speaker that I do work everyday towards my purpose:

My purpose is to develop, and attribute to business development, growth and future sustainable growth for the company. Everything I do daily attributes to this purpose (in the form of tasks completed the same day or work that will attribute to a large project that will support these objectives).

Although I do find bliss at work and I will take some accountability for my ability to see what I am shooting for, I do want to acknowledge how important it is for the business to communicate to its employees on what they should be focusing on. Not a once a year communication, but an ongoing non-stop conversation to ensure all initiatives are pointing in the correct direction. In my opinion, this will drive to cohesive strategic decisions throughout the organization.

Here are the 5 accelerator actions:

  1. Schedule thinking & non-thinking time
  2. Maintain daily enthusiasm
  3. Innovate to sustain success
  4. Sacrifice to accelerate
  5. Collaborate to accelerate

I plan on blogging about the other accelerators upon my return back from Vancouver.

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