Innovating Relocations

You know you’re doing something right when the VP of Canada Sales & Relationship Management a relocating company, Prudential,  tells you: “you know that you made us change and look at the way we have been doing things. You are light years ahead of the game.” Darn it, this may have been one of my favorable moments in 2010.

Relocating employees has been around since companies have gone global. Moving people seems pretty simple right? WRONG! I learned from first hand experience that relocating people is time-consuming, complex, and like multiple project plans with different deliverable dates. Partnering with the right company makes a difference. Just like the employees in the organization, the relocating company you choose you need to trust. They need to be part of your team and need to want to be a part of your team.

I have been fortunate to work with Prudential, where they have listened and scratched their head a couple of times on some of my views, but were always listening. I blogged about their forum earlier and how it was fun, but what I realized now is that they are big and still learning. Many larger (or gigantic organizations) that I have seen don’t keep on evolving.  From an outsider view, they got a good group of people in the management level, and that has trickled down.

Now when  I see the rock, I am proud of the people I work with. There is still room for improvement, like any vendor relationship, but we have open and candid conversations that are solution focused.

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