Why are some vendors so difficult?

It’s been a long time since I ranted about anything, but this one has been stewing inside of me for a while. I work with many vendors, large and small, but why are some so darn difficult? My first instinct is to say “what’s wrong with them?” or “they just don’t get us” but really, is that the approach we should be taking? Sometimes vendors are like bad relationships, its just not a fit. No ones fault, no “its not you, its me.”

Sadly, there aren’t a large abundance of certain vendors, so sometimes the bad relationship needs to keep on going, kind of like Lady Gaga’s bad romance. My advice, call as it is. Honestly is the best policy, its worked in my case. Telling the other vendor was probably the best thing that we could have done. Not only were the semi-responsive, but also now they know where we stand. No guess work, no drama, just is.

Now back to work!

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