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Workday – turning HR from 1.0 to 4.0

I would like to preface this whole blog with saying this is truly just my opinion. One that has taken me 5 months to pull together. I am currently implementing a new HCM (Human Capital Management) system (formally known as HRIS) called Workday. They are based in Pleasanton CA and darn it, they just get it.

You make a change, and its effective NOW, you chance your mind, you can undo and have a sandbox for ever and ever. You can buy their content for not so much, and have the piece of mind that an update will take you 1-2 weeks. My favorite piece, customer vote for new functionality (how freaking cool is that) and you get 2-3 updates every calendar year.

Does this remind you of anything? Facebook perhaps? Companies that just are with the times, can move quick, and listen their customers. It’s fortunate we have at least one solution in HR right now that is so innovative. Lets keep on progressing to a place where HR isn’t the policy police, but the business & employee growth & development place (my future heaven).

Do it your own way, RFP that is.

Recently I have been part of picking vendors for everything HR.  To speed up the process, I decided to keep the RFP part to myself and gather the information via research and one on one meetings with all vendors; this way I could assess those non-tangibles.

When I was done with the process, I decided to put the top two vendors to the test.  The one who on paper and in person seemed to blow the competition out of the water ended up not meeting our service levels and what they communicated.  I was delighted to see that the runner-up didn’t just meet my expectations, they delivered better quality, faster service, and were able to pivot on the spot for our company needs.

My lesson learned – the right decision isn’t how good you do your research, it’s based on reality.